New single: Stygian Night

Here's the first single from our new album Afterlife. It's called "Stygian Night". Enjoy!

A Behind the Scenes Look at The Making of Afterlife!

New England Music Awards Nomination

We were nominated for "Best in State: RI" in the New England Music Awards! Cast your vote here... and tell your friends to do the same!

sit down series: vulgarrity


VulGarrity is a highly skilled and cool rock band consisting of siblings Shawn and Tracy. The two put on an incredible set before Electric Six went on stage in Providence last week. After their inspiring performance, I had the chance to interview the superstar siblings to not only get to know more about their band, but I learned about a very special story regarding Queens of the Stone Age, their influences, and more.
Alex Obert: How did VulGarrity begin?
Shawn: We’re brother and sister, we’ve been playing music together since we were kids. We’re in a bunch of different bands together. We got sick of going through other bandmates, having people in our band that weren’t as committed as we were to playing music. So we just came up with a way to play music without having to rely on any other musicians by using loop pedals and stuff like that. That way, you can pretty much get away with making a full band sound with just two people. That’s how we came up with the idea for VulGarrity. And we’ve been going at it ever since....
Video Jam Interview

Check out our interview on Video Jam! It's going to air tonight and tomorrow at 9pm on WCCA TV but you can stream it here (interview starts around 5:19)

"Karma's Got A Gun" official music video

Live cover of U2's "Beautiful Day"

New Music Video: Midnight Sunshine

New Music Video: Victorious

Funkeology Has Arrived